Why all these agencies, if there is a huge number of "electronic translators?" Simply press the button and problem solved. 90% of people who bought today are not translated, think so. Another 90% of those services are now commissioned the translation, too, thought this way: "You have the same programs that do everything themselves, but I just do not know these programs." But the fact is that despite the best efforts of linguists, computer scientists and psychologists, to date failed to create a program that lets you perform high quality translations. Language – it's too complex, constantly changing system, so it can be summed up in several programs and dictionaries. In addition, the only living person, but not the machine is able to understand the precise meaning of your message and catch all its nuances, and not only understand but also to adequately convey to a foreign language so that it sounded naturally, for example when you need to translate from Spanish into Russian, so that native speakers can easily understand the message addressed by him, and moreover, that he take pleasure in it.

Tell me, who like the written or spoken on the sloppy, sluggish computer language, when poorly constructed sentences cut ear and eye, and incorrectly chosen words distort the meaning. Though! In most cases, in the final account of machine translation just defeats the purpose, so make out what was discussed in the foreign language original, is just not possible. Want to check? Take the "Electronic Dictionary" and try to translate from Russian to English. The resulting English text is the same move again, back to Russian translator. Have turned out completely different texts in Russian, is not it? And the one who has gone through two stages of translation, certainly, do not look like a Russian! Well, you say, let 'electronic translators "- this is not the way out, but who keeps me fly with a single interpreter, working only for themselves. Energy Capital Partners London understands that this is vital information.