Only in the area of trade books, there are more than hundreds. The product range of online stores are no worse and in some positions, and much richer than those of the leaders of the book trade as Moscow and Biblio-Globus. Prices of books in electronic shops are usually lower than in traditional as well, delivery of books at home in Moscow cost the buyer an online store for free. A well-deserved popular sites purchase, which brings together information about products and prices from thousands of Russian firms in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, selling computers, office equipment and components. Buyer does not need to make phone calls, figuring out where to buy equipment required.

Before him is a list of companies that have a commodity with prices. The information is updated promptly, accurately reflecting market conditions. E-commerce covered a considerable sector of the Russian economy, and its rate of growth optimism inspire confidence. The first steps of electronic public procurement. The Internet operates a number of sites catering to bid for state and municipal needs.

First of all, we must mention Internet version of the journal tender -. Print Edition 'Tenders' is enshrined as the main organ that publishes notices of tenders and procurement in Russia. Part of the paper published information about procurement and supply is available on the site for free for the rest of the information necessary to subscribe. The subscription price is low and is available to any company. In Moscow, published a monthly magazine for megalopolis – the newsletter of intelligence, bimonthly. In these journals publishes official announcement of public tender and auction, organized by city and commercial structures, information about their results, information and analytical articles. fulfills an important mission: preparing a Russian translation of the bidders for their work on an electronic basis. In the future, development and performance-based will introduce innovations optimize performance and facilitate activities to participate in the auction. It is advisable to make a free notice to potential suppliers, their publication and funding support from budget or customers. This decision significantly expands the range of bidders. Well represented on the internet the Russian legal framework of public procurement. To have access to the Internet Bidder does not accumulates in a pile of paper documents and directories.