The present value of the document within the organizations is determined by the characteristics of present electronic documents; they can combine different units from information (text, static images, in movement, voice, etc.). Over the years its content can change of support, can be changed quickly, are easily reproducible, admits manifolds reading formats and documents with others can be readicionar. At present they have appeared diverse computer science products destined to the control and integral management of electronic documents, the systems or tools GED (Electronic Document Management), also known by the Anglo-Saxon term EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems). Products GED are generally a logical evolution of the traditional systems of documentary management, to which they have been added more or less functionalities to them and integrating other computer science technologies with the aim of providing solution and to adapt to the multiple informative and documentary needs of the organizations. At the moment the Electronic Document Management is formed from classic modules of the documentary management, although destined to electronic documents, being factors keys the information retrieval and the automatization of the service lives within the processes of the organization. The benefits that contribute to the implantation of systems of electronic document management and files in the company are, among others, the remarkable improvement of the information flows and the management of this one within an organization. The benefits are divided in: Strategic benefits: they affect the production of the organization? Financial benefits: they talk about to the reduction of costs and the increases of the labor production? Technical benefits: related to the improvement in the aspects and technological processes of the organization the job stream (workflow) of a company intimately is related to softwarede work in group that owns rules and you rule certain in which the tasks are specified and steps that are due to carry out to obtain the accomplishment of a business process. These processes generate information enough, reason why it is necessary the information service and documentation for the capture, storage, processing and management of the knowledge.

*Gestin of expedientes* the Management of files of different type (of personnel, labor, legal hiring, files, city-planning licenses, of management of ground, files of projects of urbanization etc.) suitably is not managed at the present time by the traditional physical file. The enormous amount of files that at the moment are accumulated, had to be managed by means of new electronic tools able to act agilely to obtain the solution and execution of the proceedings required by the company, considering the needs required in the operation of files. There are diverse Solutions for the Electronic Management of files and documents in market. The selection not always is easy, is accustomed to can affect processes of business already established, for this reason, him election of a solution that adapts to its needs is essential. In the second and last part we give to an introduction in the management of processes (workflow) and an example of electronic Management of files.