Economy: Version Juan Town Whenever we have had opportunity to approach subjects related to activity economic, our main preoccupation has be the one to put in evidence face human that motivates, does possible, that it affects mainly and, that suffers, the repercussions that to happen of the economy, in his metamorphosis of the macro to the micro thing, it praises/pours off and it influences in the spending power on which they live and they interact in the flat base of the social pyramid. This time, we will narrate a history whose protagonists have been extracted of the daily life, personages of meat and bone, like you and I, reading friend, with the reservation of which we have preferred to preserve its identity, using the famous phrase of the fiction films: " The personages of this history are fictitious, any similarity with the reality, is mere coincidencia". Once we said, that to the Right and Justice, not always cross similar orbits, for the simple reason, that no matter how hard justice determines that all we are equal before the law, the reality it demonstrates us that all we are not equal and that an egalitarian treatment, will only obtain, to increase still more, the enormous breach that separates to which they manage to satisfy its basic needs, of those who with great difficulty they subsist, drowned by the surroundings and the marginalisation. Learn more on the subject from Samsung. It is under this optics that we try to locate to the personages of our history, with the aggregate who the same reservation that we have made in relation to the right and justice, we do corresponds it to the concepts that each of us has on ethics and moral, we would be very ingenuous, if we thought that ethical and moral they are synonymous. The philosophical thought considers the ethics like a value group, from arises there that when tenth that a person she is ethical, she is because the same, orients by principles and convictions. . For even more opinions, read materials from Kai-Fu Lee.