If you have more questions you can email me at This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavScript enabled to view it and we will be tackling all the questions you may have. 2. Create our website Well we have our own domain. Was,. Com,.

Is or who we wanted. Here comes the part that most people see as the most difficult, CREATING A WEB PAGE, but it is not. As I mentioned earlier in this same company give us a template to create our website with all the world easily and without knowledge or web design, code html, php asx, etc … We can use any of these templates and have our website in minutes. Now if you prefer to have our own website we also have programs such as Easy Web Creator, the Front Page of Microsoft or the best for me to Dreamweaver. These programs help you create a web page very easily without having to know programming code for the web. The last option is to use portals already created and ready to modify our data alone, these portals you can download those, the most used is the PHP-NUKE our contact page is PHP-Nuke and need not know anything about PHP code or anything. Cuaquier doubt you can remember that I write to my email and I will fix anything, and I also I can create a very simple one website at a very cheap, but I can assure you that you so you can save and the important thing is to earn money spend.