Sat Wax. on the day of order / our alternative (in case of failure of armor in the desired location) Flowers and greeting basket Facilities Recruiting and help in choosing a gift. Personal shopping assistant. Ordering goods online store Search for nanny, maid, nurses for the sick and elderly people, cleaners, security guards, personal nutritionist florist services, assistance in choosing an educational institution, interior design, professional stylist installation of sound and light Courier services in Moscow Express delivery of small loads throughout the day within the Garden Ring in the day / weekend Delivery on next day of small loads on weekdays / weekends. Shipping outside the Ring Road and Organizing the Garden Ring in Moscow lease, the cities of Russia and abroad apartments and offices.

Passenger transport on the day of order / reservation. freight transport on the day of order / reservation. Yachts and boats day of the order / reservation. Aircraft equipment Sports Challenge in Moscow, Russian cities and abroad Taxi Shuttle Tow plumber Electric Cable geek Doctor Security Assistance preparation of documents Documents on passport Visas Legal support in the preparation of registration of legal entities Interpreter Services Interpretation from Russian into English (by phone) Professional interpreters on the topic. Translation from Russian into English, German, French. For specific purposes to 1800 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. Translation of English, German, French into Russian.

Translation into the Scandinavian languages, East European Languages and the former Soviet Union. Translation into Arabic and Hebrew to 1800 characters, including characters punctuation and spaces. Urgent translation (from 12 to 16 pages a day) Urgent translation (from 7 to 12 pages a day) up to 1800 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks.