The new master course “Mediation and conflict management” Dresden International University (DIU) is also analytically the phenomenon of conflict how practical the mediation moves further into focus by conflicting parties in economic life, as an out-of-court dispute resolution procedures. This is reflected also by the activities of the European Union. According to the announcement of the European Commission, it has adopted a proposal for a directive to promote the use of mediation by citizens and economic operators for all disputes in the area of civil and commercial law. The proposal will provide a clear and predictable legal framework, while preserving the flexibility and the informal nature of the mediation process. It aims to improve access to the law. This proposal is part of the measures for the realization of the Union as an area of freedom, security and justice.

The proposed directive in two ways a better access to justice contributes to: first are common Minimum standards in the community on certain key aspects of civil procedure such as the suspension of limitation periods, confidentiality and the enforcement of agreements on the settlement of disputes provided, to ensure an appropriate relationship between mediation and judicial proceedings. Secondly the possibility indicates the courts of the Member States actively to promote the application of mediation, without that is subject to this however compelling or specific conditions. At the annual meeting of the AKM e.V. (working group of critical mediators) in the higher regional court of Dresden, with the participation of many judges and lawyers, the idea was born to stimulate a master in mediation and conflict management.This idea was by the cumverbis-directors included Michael Sadlo and Wolfgang Brune and held talks with the Dresden International University. The representative of the University, headed by the President, Prof. Dr.

Mehlhorn, showed very open-minded this project over. It was agreed a master’s degree to initiate, which is offered from the autumn 2009. The new master course “Mediation and conflict management” Dresden International University (DIU) refers to conflict also analytically how practical the phenomenon. He offers the acquisition of comprehensive competencies and skills in the area of out-of-court dispute resolution. In this course, the DIU attaches particular importance to the balance between academic education and practical application. The 2-year course leads to the academic degree “Master of Arts”. In a workshop on Saturday 27 June, insights in the study programme are given. Here, interested parties can experience first hand what skills they acquire in the course. At this workshop Nice are the Scientific Director, Mrs Prof. Dr. Gabriele and the mediators give both of the cumverbis GmbH, as speakers to participate and insight into the content and the practical course of study mediator Wolfgang Brune, and lawyer Michael Sadlo. Registration / information: or Peter Munnich