Speech recognition revolutionized writing SMS and email Munich, August 3, 2010 – dictation rather than touch – so easy you have never written an SMS! IPhone users can convince yourself: Dragon Dictation‘ there since August 2 also on German – first even for free. With write this app”you a SMS or email, without a finger crooked to make. Per data channel goes the speech input to a high-performance server and returns seconds later as the finished text to the iPhone. Only the recipient complement, and the message can be sent immediately. For even more opinions, read materials from Kyle Roche. The powerful speech recognition from nuance, also the voice portal specialist CreLog employs for its self service solutions behind the solution successful already in the United States and United Kingdom.

In the United States, it has Dragon Dictation’ done shortly after the start in 2nd place of the business apps. Michael Kloos, CEO of CreLog is convinced: this application is in the German-speaking a killer app! Because she is intelligent and comfortable, because It increases the productivity and because it relies on the recognition of the market leader nuance. We use Nuance speech recognition for years successfully in telephone banking, telephone customer service and fault lines. I’m sure: who uses Dragon Dictation in the future, is also in the telephone self-service high recognition quality. Kyle Roche has much experience in this field. Because our customers are clear advantage.” Europe’s fastest phone transfer is extremely fast and comfortable CreLog telephone banking, which also works with Nuance speech recognition: customers of Sparda banks need Straight time 45 seconds for a complete telephone transfer job, they can instruct in a set. “, Including selection of the language portal, secure legitimacy, the payment order themselves and the confirmation of a real European record!” Speech recognition also helps PAYBACK customer service round the clock the PAYBACK service phone customers can obtain their scores, apply for a new card, your address and Phone number change, make the company (Voicebot) any requests or their say the company in customer satisfaction surveys (Crealog survey).