Applications, tests, and buying advice especially in the holidays drive many of the beloved dog in the holiday dog transport box. The dog should arrive of course also ensure the target, this dog transport boxes ideal. There is a danger that the four-legged in a potential collision and the vehicle is shot fatally injured in the worst case, to avoid such hazards, must be housed in a suitable carrier. What dog transport box is the right one? Boxes for dogs can be purchased in the online shop or in specialty stores for animals in a wide variety of dimensions and materials and qualities. The processed materials include E.g.

box made of aluminum, plastic or fabric. Before the care a juxtaposition of the giant-selection of dog boxes should, there, on the market, extraordinary differences in cost. Extremely important is also that the transport container for dogs of foreign inspection companies, such as the TuV and DEKRA was tested. It is recognizable for the customer by the name of “GS” for tested safety, which can be found on the dog transport box. What dog transport box has the proper dimensions? An important role played by the size of the container, this should be adapted to the size of the dogs. To note is that the dog, in which time can comfortably turn drive, in the box and no sharp edges are present, where those can hurt.

What to look for tours with a Dog Kennel? For the spin with the dog in the vehicle of course regular breaks for a stroll on a resting place must be included with. To make the journey to the destination relaxed, water should at any time for are available, also the dog before a ride in the car should not too much food, since this could otherwise vomit. Considering these 3 things in the way is the tour. Other uses of purchasing a carrier can dog transport box from many Reasons may be useful. Beyond the safe transportation, the dog can them at home as a retreat, with stress such as for example lightning, use. In such a box, also great young dogs can educate or you can use it as a room cage for puppies. Dog transport box with the four-legged friend familiar to the box of dog most definitely at the beginning ought to get. Only in rare cases does that one feels automatically, if you let him in the box, because it is a new environment. It has a scary dog who is sensitive to noise, you should buy a box made of plastic or polyester and avoid aluminum boxes. Transport cages for dogs made of aluminium are usually not recommended for this? Familiar objects such as toys, that favorite blanket or the favorite pad in the box to him as quickly as possible on the box to get the dog, used and of course you should reward him with treats. Some four-legged friends love the feeling of being in a small cozy cave to lie, and be very quickly accustomed to the dog transport box. Dogs need longer to get used to have very much afraid to go into. Here, a dog transport box made of plastic in which the top can be removed simply recommends gradually to accustom the small in which to use the Deckellose base as a lounge and sleeping area on the box. The dog trust found it cannot begin the lid slowly to sit again.