Recently, the firm comScore (leading firm in statistics and measurement of the digital world) unveiled 10 digital trends that will be maintained over the coming months; the growth of social networks, the email used from other platforms and devices and the use of video over the Internet are some of the aspects that will be more latent. As well, in this article we will show the trends in digital media that will mark in 2011 and although the firm said on its official blog (English) that the prognosis is of United States some of them still are coming with force to the countries of Latin America: 1. electronic commerce is back: in United States e-commerce grew by 10% and reached 142,500 million dollars. The Cybermonday continues to grow in importance and could this year be a characteristics of e-commerce in the future. This will largely depend on whether the economic conditions improve.

2 Coupons Digital are filled with life: the purchase of flash sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and with discounts and local offerings that stole the attention of American consumers and groups emerged in 2010. The number of visitors to Groupon increased 712% and LivingSocial a 438%. 3 Facebook, leader: in the last quarter of last year, Facebook expanded the advantage that it took earlier this year against Google and the 3 main portals of the network, now represents 12% of time online, and everything indicates that it will continue to rise. According to comScore, 3 of every 10 Internet sessions includes a visit from Facebook. 4 E-mail based on the network is decreasing: the total use of web-based email fell 9% last year, with declines more beaker in groups of people with younger ages, especially teenagers. According to the firm, it is clear that communication is changing not only to other platforms but also to other devices.