Develop a visual image of a new alcohol products – is a complex of works on creation from scratch, branding for a new product. That is necessary to develop the collection and competent combination of elements, namely certain graphic objects that provide a unity of appearance related to the company, product, product packaging, documentation and advertising. The study of the product range, marketing research, product positioning and focus on the original styling form the basis for creating vivid and storage of corporate identity, is a tool to promote your company's market growth competitiveness and attract the attention of buyers. The complex of the creation of a common visual identity includes the development of: brand, product naming, logo, trademark and brand, slogan, text characters, selection or development of corporate colors and font decisions. Also, if necessary, may include designing an attractive character, and required additional attributes, namely accessible and intelligible form of reproduction, and style of presentation. For example, take the task of developing the corporate identity in the classical topics of winemaking.

This style implies that the products are manufactured according to ancient technology using high quality raw materials and aging in oak barrels. There must be traced fusion of tradition and quality. If we talk about naming the product itself that it requires harmonious, easy memory word or phrase that would be associated with a new refined taste and a fragrant bouquet of a series of wines. To maintain the overall image appropriate to use foreign words or names of grape varieties. Ideal choice for classic style is a good opportunity to call its own name. As a rule, such names are easy to remember and, thereby, help to achieve one of the main marketing objectives – recognition of the goods. The good name – it's not just the success of the goods, but more importantly – the success of its manufacturer.

When using the classic theme, the production company is perceived by the buyer as a prestigious product of the rich tradition, refined taste and guaranteed quality. As for the logo, it must be strict and easily readable. There are various designs from the image of family crests or coat of arms of winemaking using old graphic illustrations related to this subject and collected into a single image in a slideshow. Either can be used ecclesiastical symbolism or something connected with the elements of heraldry. This is still will strengthen the association with traditional winemaking and recalled the importance of tradition. Color solution must be performed in low-key, soft colors, emphasizing the stability of traditions, unchanging values Also reinforced the impression of solidity tm and creates a sense that the product is available for many years. In the implementation of label design, each color can match each grape variety. The use of individual strokes in decoration stickers – another attribute of a prestigious product. In our time, namely label design / packaging is the main means of communication with customers, able to express feelings, emotions and informed about certain properties of the goods. Design decision – it is talking peace with the man through visual images and color schemes, which carry certain characteristics, which is not explicitly stated, and understood and felt. Therefore, a constant search for the best creative solutions, because it is important not only to bring a wine brand, but also reflect her own creative thought, to emphasize the nature of products to pass a certain number of associations and to make so that corporate identity was clear and alive.