Timely provision important for the immune system under the autumn – and winter infectious diseases suffer from more and more people, because the body’s immune system does not sufficiently. Here the alternative Mesotherapy offers a wide range of treatments in children as adults in the acute as in the chronic stage: whether inflammation of nasal pharynx mucous membrane, of the jaw or the wisdom teeth, diseases of the nasal sinuses and ear, bronchitis, angina, as well as urinary tract infections or preventive protection against virus flu. Mesotherapy is a treatment alternative, proven for decades and sees itself as a bridge between natural medicine and conventional medicine. After thorough investigation, the doctor treated with a very specific, the clinical picture of the patient-oriented mix of allopathic and homeopathic remedies which painlessly be introduced by thin micro injections through the skin (Mesoderm) in the affected, i.e., medically relevant regions of the body. The skin Depot ensures long-lasting and targeted Effect of substances in the raised part of the body. Hear other arguments on the topic with samsung. Alternatively, or in addition to traditional methods this virtually side-effect free therapy is an effective treatment option in acute infections. The locally applied method sets it primary on a scientifically based and proven mix of an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory drug, and essential vitamins. Where it is not only on the individual mix, but also on minimum dosage and a minimum number of treatments.

The clinically proven effectiveness showed insufficient defences special cures for disorders such as acute abscesses, inflammation of the wisdom teeth, purulent Angina and acute urinary tract infections as a result. The treatment is done on the first, third and fifth day of the disease and works quickly and reliably. In the chronic phase, the therapists speak of the micro vaccination, preventive proceedings, also scientifically and efficiently. It is a preventive vaccination (= Vaccination) to strengthen the immune system of the unique micro injection method.