So, for better skin knife from unquenched spit than a knife, made of linen hacksaw. Dependence is simple: the higher the quenching and firmer metal, the greater the angle of sharpening him to do. At a lower angle of the blade blunts because crumble. Thus, the steel hardness 60 hrc can sharpen sharper than 45 . A spit of you make a thin knife-screed from 8 to 12 'and edge 15 to 18 , and the blade will cut easily and long. Unfortunately there is no way to determine the quality of the blade immediately upon purchase. Hardness needle files makes no representations about the quality of the metal.

Very solid blade may crumble at work. Of two identical hardness of blades, one will quickly grow blunt, the other slowly. Ask mark became almost worthless, as the technology of production is more important than raw materials. That is, if one piece of metal into three pieces and give three blacksmiths, as a result we obtain three completely different in quality blade. Even if you're right at the counter trying to knife the tree, you also do not know. Indeed, in the first place you feel the quality of grinding, not the steel. For example, two knives are made of good steel and technically correct, but not quite well-honed: one blunt and the other at a very small edge angle, and directly in front of the blade wrapped.

You both zabrakuete knife and take the third, which cuts into this moment is good, but it can take you tomorrow. Therefore the choice of a knife – is primarily a choice of the firm, or master, to whom you trust. Well, because marriage would still occur, because mistakes are inevitable, then, at least, we can exchanged marriage to a quality product. When sharpening the blade on elektrotochile use mostly white circles mark the standard ebk (24 – 40). They are easy to dye and does not burn through the edge. Better if elektrotochilo has about 1500 rpm. Vysokooborotisty much faster burn tool, so fast that you do not have time to react. A correct response is that at the slightest overheating dip the blade into the water. If even 3-4 times to bring up hem purple discoloration and instantly cooled, the loss of hardness is not happening. Of course, to such an extreme move deliberately not worth it, so fingers when sharpening hold on to metal, and not by the hand to feel the heat. After removing burr and chamfer go to manual work. It is very important to take it easy and do not hurry, do not try to sharpen a lot of pressure on the cutting edge. In this case you will burn elektrotochile edge and working manually ruin touchstone running tap a hole in it. That is, to achieve the result must be within a certain time, the devil afterburner. I would like only to warn against the use of 'rubber' round (volcanic + diamond dust). Friction on this circle is large and the blades overheat instantly. Here, perhaps, that's all. Good sharpening job.