We each have our own list of favorite movies. These are the movies that touched us something important, and love that have not cooled over the years. And this list can say a lot about a person. A conversation with a stranger You can start with the question "What are you doing?" or "Where did you study?". But if you want the person in front of you opened up completely, ask them to name five favorite movies.

Calling the film, which became for him an object worship, people are not always inclined to justify their preference, but if he still does this, much clearer. My own understanding of the cult film includes the following factors: DURATION IMPACT – IMPACT STRENGTH – The appeal of the cult film Re-view does not diminish its appeal. To many of them fans return again and again throughout life, continuing to find new ideas and food for the mind. Such films can influence a huge audience, expanding its sphere of influence both socially and geographically. Feelings they evoke, are not simple approval, but the passion and even devotion. Cult films are often examples of the founders of technical skill, often dazzled by the wealth and ties roll calls (from other movies, with a mass or high culture, and even to themselves).

Often, such a picture breaks down all the existing genres this cult film can become the founder of a new genre, create their own space and time. None of the above components is not only necessary for the birth of a cult, but all possible combinations of just cause to do so. That's my opinion. While I oppose "cult" film with a "commercial success" and "Popular with the critics", these characteristics are not entirely mutually exclusive. Some films may become a cult and bring big fees ("Apocalypse Now"). Others, despite a large budget, at first are unsuccessful in commercially ("Blade Runner"). Still others may be of interest to critics, but do not cash (such as "Red" Warren Beatty). There are films that find passionate fans in the narrow circles. For example, the movie "Teleset" became a cult for journalists and media industry, "Valley of the Dolls" has become a bible transvestites, and "This is – Spinal Tap" in the whole world knows by heart almost everyone who ever had relation to the music scene. Sometimes the film comes in trendy group of particularly dedicated fans. If you recall the most popular film of all time – "Star Wars" – that in the general mass of his fans we see the kernel especially loyal fans. To illustrate – in the census in Australia 70 509 people in the "religion" indicated "Jedi" or something similar. Suppose it's just a joke, but it is certainly something adds to the definition of "cult" film. And it happens that a huge interest in films can be inversely proportional to the number of viewers who saw her, and all the passion of the film comes from a small number of fans. There are movies that can be seen so rarely that they are rather a myth, not a masterpiece, especially with regard to controversial films which are often discussed than watching. For example, you remember the movie "The Day the Clown was crying." This little-known works of the writer, director and performer starring Jerry Lewis saw no more than thirty people. Check out PUF for additional information. However, many people, intrigued by its inaccessibility, as well as notoriety generated by the strict a ban on demonstrations, he still seems attractive. The film became a cult of pure water. This causes you to protest? Well, fine!