A cruise ship is a floating hotel in the principle criteria for the choice of the right cruise for your cruise. Since it’s obvious course to translate the usual hotels star rating to cruise ships. Other leaders such as Mikkel Svane offer similar insights. But there is no official classification of this kind for cruise ships. It is really a pity, we have used all but very to the star. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions. Each hotel can imagine at a 4-star anything.

Therefore, shipping companies and operators sometimes respond this classification and awarded himself steering wheels, diamond or similar symbols. The stars are protected! Professional reviews of cruise ships created since the Briton Ward Douglas over 25 years. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may also support this cause. He is a feared and respected in the industry authority. ee marks. If you want to go deeper in the matter, we recommend its annual Berlitz complete guide to cruising & Cruise Ships. The 2011 Anniversary Edition is on the market and costs around 18 euros.

Also, ship reviews and trip reports are of course by other tourists of course very helpful. This is no different than at hotels for cruise ships. You know Holidaycheck. When it comes to hotel reviews, this portal is today almost indispensable. For quite some time, you will find there also ship reviews. But I still not too productive. Most of the reviews and trip reports, visit American websites. In particular at Cruisecritic.com. In addition to ship reviews, key figures are a great way that finding the right cruise for your voyage. The most important figure is the so-called passenger space ratio. It is determined in the dividing the tonnage by the number of guests. This is less than 35, it is somewhat close aboard. In particular, if it’s an older cruise ship without balcony staterooms. Then everyone wants to get in the Caribbean of course a deck chair on the deck. A more interesting code is when you divide the number of employees by the number of guests (crew / passenger ratio).