The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau curtailed their lending. The better founders need to prepare, if they want to insist their business projects in Bank talking to a KfW loan. Gorlitz, 03 February 2012 (jk) the soft loan of KfW are a popular alternative to the classic credit at founders. But also the credit institution not blind forgives their funds, and so the path leads to the KfW loans yet again over the Bank. And here, a good impression during the discussion of the application is just as important as proper documentation and a viable business concept.

The session with your KfW competent in your favor to choose, bear in mind the following tips: Plan preparation time between the appointment and the conversation at least two should be but ideally four weeks. You will need this time to get expert advice on the ideal KfW program, to gather all documents and to answer questions regarding your financing concept. The Bank seriously even if in the end the KfW loan are: only if your bank from the project convinced, she will forward your application there. Ultimately, it is first essential to move the Bank to financing in General only following is talking about specific programs. And then comes your specific loan request in the game. Talking fashion with banks are interested to own win and will try to convince you of the benefits of your own products.

So first, do your homework, study their products and to lay out a reasoning strategy why public funding funding is the better solution. Plan B prepare even if you are convinced of your project you do not exclude a rejection. Make appointments with several banks for this reason. Maybe you’re not so nervous for the fourth time and your great business idea finally encounters open ears. Timely request the application of KfW is to be prior to the start of the Enter the founding project there. Inquire about the exact date and expected time with up to an additional two months processing time by Bank and KfW. use what is true for a traditional bank loan, is also with the KFW credit: no reputable bank Advisor insists on an immediate conclusion. Even if all doubts are in turn eliminated and would prefer now sign you can hand over the credit documents and make a further appointment, for the conclusion of the contract. Otherwise, expose themselves not just as a beginner, but take the chance to make a really mature decision. Consider alternatives even if the KfW credit initially appeared to them as the ideal solution: If the credit conversation doubts, look around for alternatives.