For your articulateness, hand on heart, not who success principles after a conversation, a negotiation or in a meeting had the feeling, to have found the right word at the right time? The behavior research shows that the effect of the personality is determined by the following criteria: 60% body language expressiveness of 30% 10% objective reference. Following questions so ask a conversation: the posture was consistent with my spoken word? I convinced with gestures and facial expressions? Have I smiled at my party? So good that I could make understandable in tight and precise words was my expressiveness? I asked questions, to show interest? What is creative communication? Speak different than others! The Caliph Harun al Rashid had a dream one night, he would have lost any teeth. He summoned his two interpreters. For them, the dream was crystal clear according to the laws of the interpretation of dreams. For more specific information, check out Mikkel Svane. Teeth mean the death of close relatives. So the first interpreters said: great ruler, I have to declare you great evil. You will lose all your relatives. The second gained, however, said: great ruler, I have to declare you great healing.

You will survive all your members.\” It is reported that the second gained got 25 gold pieces, while the first was punished with 25 strokes of the cane on the soles of the feet. Looks familiar. We have no similar examples? How many times we report first the negative things, or that what isn’t, rather than to begin with the positive and the negative to conceal. Avoid negative formulations! Three success principles of your expression assets: The General more specific boring dramatize the diffuse compress! Especially in the business life, creative language is attached. Most of the sellers are product in love and endless and boring talking about their product. Certainly, it may interest some customers, and they listen patiently.