The designer hotel searching for new and exciting experiences increasingly become company sport. So much is already seen, experienced and evaluated, that many tourists are looking for that special something, the unique. A new, creative decor with discovery character in so-called designer hotels is dedicated to this trend, as the booking portal The Van Gogh hanging in the Voyer, the carpets are brushed and the floors Flash: A nice hotel, no matter it is what star category, usually also features the classic items that the guest feels as comfortable and homely. The technical facilities with telephone, TV and Internet is also standard, including a built-in Spa. There is therefore hardly a real distinction between the individual hotels.

A designer hotel ( theme hotel/site/id/22/designer hotel) stands out however by the crowd clearly and accents in the soup. Specialize in regional characteristics, certain styles, exclusive Offers or specific target groups. Hotels of this orientation exclusively with hand-refined design furniture to equip their rooms, halls and even corridors. From the carpet to the wall color nothing is left to chance and so surprised each room with a completely new optical stimulus. Designer pieces are always unique, each room becomes the individual retreat. Designer hotels offer especially young and unknown designers the opportunity to distinguish themselves and to increase awareness of own.