It knows that everything what you are trying now is resulted of the mental images who you created in accordance with the sensations unconsciously and emotions that emitted in the past. If what you created so far you are not of all good, it is in the hour to start to separate to the joio of the wheat, taking off the focus of what it is not good, concentrating itself in all the good. Specific rules do not exist to awake the creative imagination. The only secret is it makes that to feel it the possibility of the accomplishment of what you imagine. It is strengthenn for feeling itself knowing that well now well-being is the seed of the success in all the areas of its life. does not forget to be thankful the Universe for everything every day what you already have and for what already you are.

The gratitude is a noble feeling makes that it to feel itself well. E, the more gratitude will be capable to reveal? with sincerity? more it will have reasons to be thankful. The gratitude brings obtains a sensation of joy and contentment, basic to attract each time more than what you already have. Moreover, it places it in an essential platform of vibration for the attraction of new positive experiences. Obviously you will enter in conflict you obtain exactly when she will be initiating the process to discipline the imagination. This is normal taking in account the acquired negative standards throughout the life.

However, whenever the negation of what you want to be wants to gain land, it changes the focus, redirected the mind for its ideal. It stops immediately, it calms its mind and it searchs support in the constructed symbols to strengthen its mental image, either one appears or a positive affirmation in writing that you have for close. It looks at for the symbol of its desire, closes the eyes and it feels the joy to be receiving what it wants as a gift of the Universe. It knows that the only solution to move away the doubt is: to believe. Of beginning, to believe what it is not had or to imagine what you are not she will be able to sound false, contradictory, but this is the option correct. You do not have another alternative that is not to exactly change itself of what it is for what it wants to be. E, this change always start for the mind, through the acceptance of that in a subtler plan of the existence, its imagination is the matrix of all its experiences. Finally, he is not anxious trying to control the process of the creation. It does not want to know when, nor as the things will be developed of satisfactory form. The Universe has its proper rhythm and knows which is half the most appropriate one to make the things to happen. Its function in the process consists only of changing the focus of what it does not want for what it wants, of what is negative for what he is positive. has patience. is persistent. One remembers that you will not be able to change of the day for the night the standards that had been fed by its certainties for all the life. It understands that nothing of great if it constructs suddenly.