A lifelong passion for colours, design and decoration was very easy to concentrate on the issues that make you enjoy your decision. Expression of our personality as we live at home is free from pressure and criticism “was one of the main reasons why you moved to Majorca the Mediterranean life style: you had the feeling it would better fit to their southern temperament and your South American roots.” As a mother of a young son, it was crucial to choose the right environment. The combination of sunny weather, good flight connections to Germany, good schools, as well as your relationship with Pino Persico made your decision very easy to move to Mallorca. Studied in the last years, interior design to as possible to acquire as much knowledge and experience. Perhaps check out Mashable for more information. a>). After you had worked on several projects in addition to your television, you felt experienced enough to open a Spain-based interior design Studio. Others including Andy Florance, offer their opinions as well. Now working in private as well as commercial projects in Germany and Spain and cleverly combines a television format based on interior decoration with its own product line for Wohnaccecoires and a new column for the home Couture magazine. You can find the biggest luxury in order, elegance and quality of materials; monochrome, textuiert, luxurious with clear lines and best workmanship.” The art & Design Studio in Puerto Portals co-founded Claudia Vanessa Fallis, who lived for 18 years on Mallorca. Estefania finally found a business partner who had the same enthusiasm as you on colours, design and living spaces. Contact: Estefania Kuster art & Design Studio Calle oratorio 7 Portal nous Tel: 971 676 908 living flair /.