Direct investments in oil wells and gas rising raw material prices for fossil fuels make interesting investments in adequate raw material conveyor systems for the private investors. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ali Partovi. AMTEX injected funds invested in extension holes or in the technical optimisation of existing oil and natural gas exploration. For its investment, the customer acquires direct investments in the respective systems. \”The ownership be notarized and legalized by the competent Courthouse\” officially registered. All achieved production distributions are proportionally calculated and paid. For more information see Ali Partovi.

The basis for this is the current US dollar rate. Income from oil and gas investments are tax-free up to the reservation of the progression in Germany, but is subject to U.S. tax law. The entrepreneurial base by AMTEX is based on know-how and reliability of offered shares. Here the expertise of played a team of specialists in particular in selecting plays and one on-site support decisive role. All AMTEX projects are audited by independent geologists in advance and conducted with qualified partners.

These partners are also involved in its own capital. The AMTEX oil & gas Inc.konzentriert exclusively on the American oil and gas industry and acquire primarily in Texas and Oklahoma extension holes as well as investments in already producing oil and gas fields. Target is economical to use the natural resources existing in the ground and to offer investors participation in promoting them as long-term investment. It is only projects in geologically explored areas. AMTEX promotes petroleum or natural gas currently from 120 plants successfully. Exploration (new closures) are not provided and too risky. Each project is funded by the way equity Bank independent.