100th IBM passes St. It is not something Meg Languages would like to discuss. Polten, on April 16, 2009 Governor Dr. Erwin Proll KidSmart Learning computer for lower Austria together with DI Leo Steiner, KidSmart Learning computer in lower Austria to the newly opened General Manager IBM Austria, the 100th country kindergarten Perchtoldsdorf. Nearly 5,000 lower Austrian children experience their first computer in kindergarten at an IBM KidSmart Learning computer. In the KidSmart funding scheme supports IBM Austria already 83 lower Austrian kindergartens with the donation of child-friendly learning computers. Governor Dr. Erwin Proll: “education and training our children are our greatest future potential and the best guarantee that our country can continue its successful path even in difficult times. This already starts in kindergarten.

We invest in lower Austria therefore very much, to ensure an optimal support of our children. So we create through the lower kindergarten offensive until 2010 a total of around 10.000 childcare places in 524 additional kindergarten groups. “” The IBM KidSmart Learning computers are a valuable support to our children as possible early on promising technologies and future-oriented knowledge to bring. “we give with the KidSmart funding scheme especially integration children and children with migration background the access to the computer to create good chances for them”, explains donation DI Leo Steiner, IBM Austria General Director, the background of the IBM. Since the start of the promotion programme in 2001 IBM Austria has collaborated extensively with the media education counselling at the lower Austrian State Academy: together were enrolled over 160 kindergarten teachers in the educational and the integration of the learning computer in the kindergartens organized. The lower Austrian kindergartens were able to gain a lot of positive experience with the learning computer in these 7 years: the team formation of children and their fine motor skills with the hand (mouse), as well as the creativity will be on the PC promoted. In addition, the KidSmart Learning computer supports the overcoming of language barriers.

The games are available in 25 languages in addition to German and English. The children glue”is not on the screen, but understand the KidSmart Learning computers as an offer among others. IBM KidSmart a worldwide is project where children can learn the handling of the computer playfully. So far, first computer experience earn worldwide over 10 million children in nearly 42,000 KidSmart Learning computers. IBM Austria