Road safety is inherent among other subjects to the transport and transit, we have said on many occasions. Transport by definition is the transportation of people or goods from one place to another. There are three fundamental elements linked to this concept, which are: road infrastructure, vehicle and person. While the transit according to the dictionary, is the activity of people and vehicles passing through a street, a road.The key elements are also: road infrastructure, vehicle and human beings. Both the transport and transit must be regulated while the transit or circulation in particular is not only enshrined basic right in the Constitution of the Republic but also, in the Declaration of human rights and international treaties. Road safety is a discipline that is based on the preservation of life, but also of the goods and the health of the users of public roads.

Those fundamental elements of transport and transit by land constitute risk factors road safety. These risk factors have generated such huge levels on indexes of accidents around the world which has led to that road safety is considered an issue of State today to constitute part of the development agenda of advanced countries that proposed plans to collaborate with the Nations in development on the reduction of the sinister vialsdeaths and injuries as a result of them. In the Rep. Dominican there is a road network of approximately 18,000 Kms., classified in backbone, regional and local. This network is considered very good with respect to the territorial, although in quality density should be assessed to give specialized opinions through audit, which would determine their conditions of danger by others. About 3 million motor vehicles are registered in the General direction of internal revenue which also tells us that there is a large number of them on the subject of the 9.7 million inhabitants is estimated in the national territory.