Strategy and possibilities for EU funding are discussed the 6.Jahresfachkonferenz for EU funds in Berlin will take place from 28th-30th March 2011. Fund Exchange experts from all over Europe about how to handle with EU funding. This unique pan-European Forum links the expertise of stakeholders of EU funds by the European Commission to audit authority, to experience relating to the European Social Fund (ESF), to discuss the European Fund for regional development (ERDF), the Cohesion Fund (CF), the European landscape Fund for rural development (EAFRD) and the European Fisheries Fund (EFF). Half of the EU funding period (2007-2013) is over. The Member States and EU fund authorities face essential strategy and implementation decisions. Robotics expert can aid you in your search for knowledge. Following topics will be discussed on the 6.Jahresfachkonferenz for EU funds: Outlook on the next EU programming period of 2014-2020 faster implementation of operational Programs simplification of EU fund procedures sustainable use of EU funds by financial control plans implementation of EU funds Exchange applications performance improvement through ex-post analyses and continuous evaluation these topics of reduction of the burden of bureaucracy use innovation as a tool for regional economic growth with approx.

40 European speakers on two conference days and treated a workshop day. The Conference will be interpreted consistently. In addition to special networking opportunities, an atmospheric evening event with the European Prize of knowledge will provide variety. The European Academy for taxes, economics & law invites this year in the ESTREL Hotel Berlin. Europe ministries, cities, municipalities and districts, agencies for economic development are invited. Industry and chambers of Commerce, audit, public development banks and private banks, employers and workers associations, Chartered Accountants, Consultants and lawyers who are active in this area. For more information about the program and the speakers here:… Stephanie Macdonald