As your computer on the most effective against viruses can protect while virus writers were used almost exclusively in destructive intentions, destroy so data or computer wanted to make unusable, the largest of so-called crimeware threat today. This type of malware silently on computers settles, the propagator of the programme in this way to gain access to sensitive data. Learn more about this with Mashable. Thereby, different strategies are pursued. The so-called phishing is very widespread \”.\” Including unnoticed redirecting Internet links on Web pages of the cheater is understood. The victim of a phishing attack feels, for example, on the login page of his bank and is in fact on a fake site designed to steal on his credentials. A second crimeware backdoor variant are programs that silently open up access to the computer via the Internet and thus allow the reading of information. Programs that either log keystrokes are also widely available or secretly screenshots customize, then the Internet scammers to send this information. Effective protection against crimeware is a firewall and a virus scanner for virus protection.

The firewall In the private sector mainly personal firewalls are used. Including firewalls are understood, which are even installed on the computer to be protected. Firewalls that are installed on computers operated specifically for this purpose and secure access to an entire network form an alternative network. These include you in some DSL routers of built-in firewalls. The purpose of a firewall is to restrict Internet traffic to a few expressly permitted connection types. These compounds are described by the so-called port address. It is a number that is transmitted during the connection establishment process together with the IP address of the computer. So, for example, connecting to a POP3 mail server on port 110 is manufactured. Not every user will know such things, which configure of the personal firewall to is a real security problem.