That we have spent time playing video games (and I don’t mean a few years, but nearly two decades) understand it as increasingly important and indispensable the entertainment part. There is more to see the figures that are handled in the big studios when creating a title of the stature of the new Call of Duty or Assassin s Creed, and needless to say that the first days for sale of some of them outweigh fundraising more blockbuster films to an equal number of days available to the public. Also there is to say about the game that for a long time their fans have swum upstream, having to bear the bad press, the intransigence and a certain halo of marginalization which we have differentiated from the rest of mortals. But fortunately that time has passed. We now have video games on your PC, console, mobile, individual, in group by Internet, touch screen, activated by motion, picture, in three dimensions, professionals, casuals, etc. And no one is safe from them when at any time of waits, boredom or relaxation can one spoil a game on your mobile phone to a new game specially designed to be portable or an old game rescued and refurbished to entertain new generations. Keep reading.

If I would like to begin a huge post about the history of video games could do it, and I would count on the Pong on an oscilloscope, about video games, the first systems, parents and the beginnings of an industry led by Atari, its fall from the top, for computer games of so many years ago, the battles between Sega and Nintendo, the hegemony of Sony Computer Entertainment for a long time, consoles that were left in oblivion, the failed projects, the current generation, etc. And this would be a bit more than it would contribute to that pile of webs where tells the same story by people with more information than I am and they can surely do it better than I. So what I’ll do will be as follows: count as it has been and is to me, and what games have met and played throughout my years of hobby.