My recommendation, set before the Original budget, and not move one iota from him. And at the end, only at the end, comenza to modify. Error 3: Poor metric computation. Your home will build it one once, you won’t have a second chance to do it right, so you have to count with very effective tools for not failing, and that the construction of your House is a real pleasure. People who do not have effective communication, during a construction improvise tasks, break other poorly made and repeated as many jobs, that the Extras category is quickly filled with tasks that could have been avoided.One of them is Imaginate metric computation for a minute to ask three Budgets three different constructors only a drawing unprofessional you won’t have a way to compare budgets, builders rarely budgeted the same plane in the same way.

To solve this conflict provide a full project that includes a metric computation to the constructor. This tool has a specific purpose, it is the compute the work through a list of tasks. All quotes are referenced to the same list.Then compare budgets will be very easy and fast. The biggest benefit you can expect from a project of architecture, in addition to visualize your dream, is to achieve that the information be translated into your pocket with a level of zero additional, and excellent construction quality did you know that by the lack of a single datum, you could lose $50 in a single beam Assembly?So. If the constructor does not have sufficient data to build a beam will cover their risk and compensate for the lack of a project that informed correctly, with an unnecessary increase in the section of iron so when a beam need iron with a diameter of 8 mm, constructor will request a 10 mm or 12 mm diameter iron now there’s something very true, as you do not know the technical issue, you’ll never learn that you paid more. So much money is lost in the play! The metric computation is a more effective tool to defend the Work budget. Best regards, Martin.