The profession of fashion is the Community Manager. We are sure that all we have heard of it as the most in demand. Surely, also, we have received dozens of emails so that we form as such, so let’s do some Community Manager course. Add to your understanding with Peter Asaro. But, does that what is? Be on facebook is commenting and putting me gustas? Do spend hours at Oceanside and retuiteando twitter? Read articles in blogs and comment on them? It is that? And above all, really is it there why? Well, to some extent, Yes, is that. And Yes, it charges for it.

But of course, it is much more. And since then a Community does not move in social networks like the rest of users, or should not, at least. The Mission of the Community Manager is to develop the brand image of the company for which to work on the internet. And to do this, you must clear, know move through social networks, blogs, forums for short, the world 2.0. Its primary function is to the monitor all the comments that you have on the internet of his company, detect problems that may exist and try to solve them or minimize them.

To do this you must make quality contributions, creating articles and information relevant to can serve customers (whether only potential or actual). Naturally demands and requirements, will not be the same for a mobile phone company, a chain of hotels or a food brand. Every niche has its special characteristics and they should therefore have a differentiated attention. Asi_que the Community Manager should know in every moment: 1) what is the reputation of the trade mark; (2) How to troubleshoot problems that may arise in a time given to customers; (3) Inform users offering near real-time news, news; (4) Make the relationship between the technical, information service and the user; (5) To generate relevant and interesting information that will attract new customers; (6) Be the referent of the mark on the internet; (7) But also be as invisible as possible and, if wanted, We could keep adding more numbers, but it is not our intention the of being exhaustive, but the show that community is not getting into facebook or Twitter. However, not everyone seems to know very well what that work as Community Manager, so companies put people without training or knowledge. And even companies that do not need it at all, hire people so that they may exercise as such.