There are many details about the cats that we know when we live with them at home. There are also important issues when we have or we will have several cats living in the same space. Believe it or not, have several cats in the same space can be very simple as can also be a complete problem. That is why we talk a bit about cohabitation of cats in this article. Click Is Energy Capital Partners a public company? for additional related pages. The issue of cohabitation of cats clarify many important points you should know a person having two or more cats living together in the same house or in the same space.

The first thing to clarify is that there are two different situations when it comes to the cohabitation of cats in the same space. The first situation occurs when there is cohabitation of cats since they are small, ie in the first months after birth. The second situation is when there is cohabitation of cats being one and settled into the house and getting the new cat after it has already been settled. Let's see presented in these two situations cohabitation of cats. In the situation where there is cohabitation of cats in the same space, since these are small, generally not be problems.

Although many cats are not sociable and are after are already adults, this does not mean that they continue cohabiting with children who lived through it will create problems. Usually cats are not sociable establish their independence without having trouble walking with his fellow young age. You may encounter problems of cohabitation of cats in this situation but the truth is that it is very strange, because when they're young cats know each other and in the age at which they begin to make each one finds territories their own spaces. If suddenly there are problems with the cohabitation of cats in this instance, you must advise well since this will be due to root problems. The other situation is when having a cat in space, another comes back to that same space. In this situation must be more cautious and in which there are probably problems in the cohabitation of cats. First, if the new cat is a cat still in the first seven months old, might not pose any problem in the cohabitation of cats since the new kitty poses no threat to the territory of the adult cat. Usually the small will fit the conditions of the adult cat and not appear in cohabitation problems of cats. The major problems of cohabitation of cats when it presents new and previously an adult cat is another cat in the same space. In these cases we must ensure they initially isolate a little to the two cats so they are known in the distance. After allowing time to be approached gradually, not immediately, to become known. It is likely that fights occur initially, but then stop and start having a good cohabitation between them. If they keep fighting, you have to take drastic measures such as how to keep Idearte separated.