And barruntamos that will continue it being, while intrawestern does not stop in its attempts. We felt like almost attemped in to finish here this collaboration, but as we have left the doubt if there are sufficiently clear in the same, still at risk of being reiterative, we will continue saying that the problem of intrawestern decreasing minorities with all antagonistic variants, have a common denominator what is the lack of understanding, or perhaps, to be a little less vague the inadmissibility than under the intrawestern fiction denominated Bolivia, is a vital flow, cradle in a life style that does not fit in the different intrawestern conceptual schemes. He is that what they have demonstrated acabadamente as much Kusch, as Pags Larraya, being advanced them in his affirmations the Bernardine well-known of Channel Feijo, very receptive to the lessons received directly of Keyserling, as well as almost ignoto Carlos Massey Oil mill (1884 -1964). The lack of understanding saga goes back at the beginning of the conquest. The ethnic groups seated in the regions under analysis, were refractory to the catholic missionaries, the North American bodies of Peace and the Che Guevara. They followed with his ancestral cultures ignoring the attempts to implant the Roman Right, first through Indian Right, and soon through the local versions of the Code of Napolen.

There per 1966, the book of Kusch was published Indian Buenosairean and Gods, that compacted a cycle of char them wireless emitted previous years both. In the same it indicated the existing communicating vessels between Buenosairean and the Plateau. It was a testimony more of the long bond between the integral people of the political and intellectual elites of the River of the Silver with occurring of the Plateau and the Chaco. In form regressive, we brief that in 1945 in that quarry of data on studies of the past subcontinental, what is history of the Argentine city, of Amilcar Razori, slogan the existence of Macomita Footpath, demonstrative of the ancestral relations between the ethnic groups of the Bolivian plateau and the seated pertaining ethnic groups of the east in the Boreal Chaco that is superposed partially with the Bolivian East.