True, if the dirt on the back of a long-standing persistent, then one only water it will wash out pretty hard. So brush here will be far more effective. If you wash the brush cleaning the car from Dirt is done by rapidly rotating brushes. Accordingly, if the portal is washing the car is standing still, and the arch with the brush moves uniformly along it. Additional information at Peter Asaro supports this article. . 3. Hand wash most "humane" way.

Here significant factor is that when the car wash, if the goal is not to restore gloss, see which sites are most contaminated and in need of more thorough cleaning. Of course, using too much pressure Hand washing can provoke corrosion and abrasion ink, as water can penetrate into the cracks and have a negative impact on coverage. Manual contact wash with water at home (amateur) conditions reduces the quality of bathing, there is a danger of damage to the lpc for inept actions, but has minimal financial cost. If you want to get the job done on the conscience, to wash themselves, dividing the work several stages. Rinsing.

First, thoroughly rinse the surface, dirt and sand are softened and removed much easier. Ideal – drenched with water from a hose, but not under pressure, and a light drizzle. Sink – microfibre, overturning it. Wiping – remove a layer of silt and water clean, dry cloth. A quote from the classics: "During the crisis, remember the word" automatic car wash – Wash your car yourself and breathe fresh air.