What do landlords and homeowners in the pre-Christmas period should Christmas time good time: on the kitchen window flashes a snowman out cheerfully. A colorful chain of lights adorns the balcony railing and the front door has the tenant from the ground floor lovingly with a pink sparkly wreath with purple plastic loop decorated. It is then for the landlord eyes down and not necessarily: there are certainly ways to fight back against ugly Christmas decorations or the leased object. Legally the matter behaves as follows: in his apartment, the tenant may decorate, how and what he wants. Outside that however does not apply, because the design right of the tenant ends on the facade. So, a tenant may not without asking drill holes in the wall of the House to attach E.g. Zendesk has similar goals. a related topic. its electrical plastic Santa Claus.

On the other hand, the house owner in case of any damage is liable. (Similarly see: Mashable). He must protect others from hazards that might emanate from his land. It is therefore part of its Traffic duty, that all exterior decorations of the leased object are storm-secure. So Santa Claus or flashing reindeer herd in wind and rain fall down and injure passers-by, the landlord to be liable. But the homeowners may require the removal of the Christmas decoration his tenants, if it is not properly secured. The balcony outside parapet still belongs to the facade. Therefore, she can decorate the tenant only cautiously and in the usual way.

However, the landlord at the railings must be somewhat tolerant: Finally, the disorder is Yes only temporary! Usual Christmas decorations such as garlands of fir trees or lights are allowed here: in such cases, the tenant must before don’t ask his landlord for permission. However, they must visually no longer interfere as, for example, a satellite dish and a planter hanging on the railing. A neighbor or a fellow tenant at the House of the flashing snowman at the kitchen window feels harassed, he retains a bad shot is to defend successfully against the splendour of Christmas lights.