Now yes Christina Aguilera entered of time for ' ' POP BITCH' ' , directed term the women of music pop that they are sexy, promiscuous, blond and strong in pop, and coincidence or all does not use ' ' bitch' ' in its compositions. But leaving the new term pra there, Christina really ' ' it is not same today at night ' ' , as same it already said, therefore she left the Basic ones and she dived in eletropop of head, I particularly I found the maximum it to make this because one more time it proved that she risks yourself exactly in its work. It also proved that it can be some Xtinas, old-school or the futurista one in such a way makes, it is DIVA always! I would very like to gain this new album of it, because I really want to know as it this in this new phase, which I am the Xtina of the time, and to listen to new musics. I am very anxious for everything this, therefore it in them extremely left in a silence of 4 years without something unknown its and. Bionic is without doubts the stamp of its return, now more desinibida and ' ' bitch' ' as never, but still with its exciting substances powerful vocal and its vigorous renewed attitude.