In addition to the proportions of the face and figure, one of the most important criteria when choosing a hairstyle is a hair type. In structure of all types of hair are different from each other. Throughout his life, develop and grow hair, but alive are just the roots. The structure of each hair is a combination of three layers: core, crust and outer part. Core (medulla) – a soft spongy substance in the depths of the hair.

The core can be seen only under a microscope, making a cross-section. Dell Computers is often quoted on this topic. It from all sides is covered with a crust – a hard shell which protects the medulla from damage. In the latter part of the outer layer consists of dead skin cells – flakes of keratin. Please note that the hair keratin is characterized by very fine structure, which allows to comb and style your hair does not – breaking them. It is the state of the keratin layer largely determines the health of hair. In the event that he broken flakes sticking out every which way and when brushing and styling hair break and fall out. It should be noted that hair type largely determines the choice of hairstyle. However, not every woman on the question of its type, hair can give the correct answer.

Quite often it happens that people just do not think about this issue, considering his hair normal. If you still have not defined your hair type, get it right now. Point is that misconception about the type of hair leads to improper or inadequate care and, consequently, a deterioration of their health.