Ctremitelny economic growth and the emergence of new firms, offices and affiliates have caused a sharp increase in demand for specialists in the field of accounting. More and more managers of companies to understand the importance of good financial planning, analysis, accounting, without which compete in today's market is very difficult. As a result, today the profession of the chief accountant is one of the most demanded. According to statistics, staffing agencies, the demand for professionals in the field twice and sometimes three times greater than the supply. This is not surprising, since the chief accountant is one of the key persons of any company. Among other tasks he is responsible for financial accounting, is responsible for reducing costs, the legitimate operation of the firm in terms of tax authorities, and much more. Thus, the level of competence of the Chief Accountant determines the quality of cash flow management company, the successful completion of tax audits, etc.

If the company searches for a specialist to chief accountant in-house, in this If she can use two resources: the media and the Internet. As you know, newspapers, magazines and other printed publications, as well as the worldwide information network provides great coverage readership. However, the employer or employee of the department of personnel, with ads in the periodical, should be prepared in advance to a rather large adjustment costs. Search also the chief accountants in the network at the person who is not a specialist, can time-consuming, but do not bring the desired result.