Healthy, save money or even earning – smoking a cigarette is one of the worst things that you yourself can do 3 birds with one stone. Up to 4000 toxins that harm your body caused by the smoke of a cigarette. And not only yourself, but also your environment. It will be worse if you are pregnant. Her unborn life can not flee from the influence of smoking. But you can remedy. It’s easier than you think.

Upgrade to now who can’t stop smoking, can at least get. And while the electric smoking. Yes, smoking. The one or other has heard of it perhaps. But what exactly is smoking electric? Now, in contrast to the normal smoking, where the smoke is produced by combustion of tobacco, is electric smoking a liquid evaporates.

“The steam of the liquid can then also smoked” are. The only thing that arises is hydrogen. There is liquid with and without nicotine, and also in various flavors. The nicotine itself stays only You must not smoke toxic substances left over, but also that. There is liquid, as I said, even without nicotine. Is smoking expensive electric? No, quite the opposite. I would call myself a normal smoking. So about a pack a day. I save approximately 1500 euros calculated on the year. You may find that App Store can contribute to your knowledge. Beautiful holiday isn’t it? Initial costs are usually slightly higher, because I of all only need the tools for. So the evaporator and batteries, and a charger. But from my own experience I can say that the first month costs as much as with normal smoking. From the 2.ten you save very much, because only the liquid must be ordered separately. So, what do I need to start? For my part, I need two electric cigarettes. So I can always have a store and one for the steam use. The charger itself is anyway with the purchase of the electronic cigarette. Then of course a liquid. That’s it. In my electronic cigarette there a liquid boxes with filters, include liquid. A box of liquid 14.95 euros, but keeps as long as such as 6-8 of boxes of regular cigarettes. We assume a price of 5 euros per box for normal cigarettes, then you save with every box of liquid so 15-30 euros. Convert this up on the year. A huge savings. There are even more advantages? Yes, because the electrically smoking deals no damage to your environment, you may smoke even in the plane or restaurant. Unless of course the respective domestic authority. But if you ask the host at the restaurant, he says to 60 percent that it is alright. Part I also, that an airline distributed electric cigarettes to smokers, so they may smoke on the plane. I have not even made this experience, but probably indicates the topic quite expands and always acceptance. Also your clothes and your car, as well as the apartment is spared by the annoying smell of smoke. The steam of an electric cigarette fizzles out within 2-3 seconds and leaves no odor. By the way, you can earn even more money so that, if you like. Who cares about the topic as a whole, can be like to do article to see the electric smoking on my blog. Her Thomas Rith