It is necessary to diagnose the case of Venezuela, where are the main weaknesses of the management product of its current managers, to review in detail the role, functions, characteristics of the resources of the company, the main problems that have arisen as a consequence of the impact contingency variable state, competitiveness, effects of economic, political, market performance. Is necessary to evaluate the behavior of the manager, his functions. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). His attributes, behavior, ethics, values, commitment, responsibility and the issue that this time we are interested in strength and confidence. What we are talking with strength? Simply to how certain are you with current knowledge to manage, how to face the challenges, interpret and manage the threats, you seize the opportunities, promote the changes needed to ensure good operation the company where he works. Fortaleza that consolidates more when there is real self-manager, a full identification to use a proactive leadership, creative, innovative, effective management, productive resources of the company.

Definition of objectives, programs, strategic planning to ensure a good turnout of the company in the scenarios in which it operates. Designing an organizational structure to the needs Consona the company needs in order to function successfully. When management identifies with his strength, never going to stand the fear, the fear, all that will affect their safety, their actions, on the contrary, you should know to take the load generates energy and strength of sabersela handle, the results are wonderful management also needs not only due to its strength shelter in their confidence in knowing that you can meet the challenges, ensure that work equipment, human resources will be confident, be recognized as the leader capable of entailed achievements that benefit all tells us about trust, which is the convinced that we reach on our own abilities and qualities.