Description and review of Sony Ericsson C905v online store compact camera is no longer needed Why do you have one extra device when there is a Sony Ericsson C905? After all, he takes shots better than conventional digital cameras, and in addition is multi-function phone with a wide range of additional functions. Of course, if you think that the normal photo can be made only SLR cameras with lenses pound, you do not, this functional important, the rest of C905 will not take the extra equipment to capture interesting moments. That's what Cyber-shot Shoot quickly and easily get quality pictures with one click. After all, Sony Ericsson C905 – Cyber-shot is device, and therefore it is armed with high-quality lens with an impressive Exmar matrix in 8.1 megapixel autofocus lens with macro mode. You will no longer depend on the lighting, as used here just two types of flares, LED for close range and powerful xenon to an enviable range. Even these cameras can not boast of such weapons. Advanced photo technology in the phone used phone could simply pictures and all. Good pictures if it turns out that, under ideal conditions, much of the service functions and could not imagine.

Sony-Ericsson C 905 changes the camera. Now you have a function Face detection and smile, electronic image stabilization, geo-tags, the system of intelligent filters, Smart Contrast improves images taken under challenging conditions. But there are also manual selection of scenes and corporate regime BestPIC, which makes some high-speed shots with different settings, and then you choose the best, and that it is stored in memory.