These are toxic emotions that not only aggravate the health, and some times take to the addictions, but they tighten the bond, the human relations, and by all means the life in pair. In this type of people are immersed those that count markedly on narcisistas dyes. The narcisistas bonds are very destructive, in first because the narcissus does not recognize its degree of toxicity and on the other, it lacks a great empathy to understand as its pair feels. The hostile people are irritable but mainly they become with cynical attitudes and they always are doubting the reasons and of the ways in which other people make the things, they become suspicious, that is to say, distrustful and they interrogate to the pairs to try to clarify or to see they find if it in some contradiction. They attack it and although they require explanations are not arranged to believe them. This it could be one of the origins of the pathological jealousy.

In a certain sense, these destructive emotions complican plus the bond, because the hostile person generally does not recognize the consequences of her actions in the other, in this case the pair. They are impatient and its internal life is contradictory and with a great frustration, therefore, the predominant emotion is the anger. But the anger is a strong energy that it requires that it takes to the action otherwise becomes depression. It is important to know the reach our emotions that can take to construct bonds to us healthy when they face of constructive way, to fix conflicts and to measure the degree of satisfaction of our relations, or, take to us to undergo toxic, harmful and addictive emotions that always finish fracturing the life in pair. Thanks to read to me, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact in the social thing. In Cecreto we counted on resources to improve your quality of emotional life in pair and everything what has to do with the human experience. Original author and source of the article