if you believe it or not, or rather if we are doomed in some way or not. I say in this article is not necessarily the truth but it is a curious effect I’ve seen in the Google search engine. As a company dedicated to positioning on google we have noted for some of our clients that the historical record in google is very important. What does this mean? I explain our experience in the case: A site that is indexed in google for example five years ago dedicated to selling shoes and is really well located for shoes decides to stop selling shoes and start selling books, it’s just a silly example. Click Shane Burcaw to learn more. Historical Effect in Google: Well it turns out that despite having a good Page rank the site is not going to get good locations and disappear from the top 10 since the domain name (according to our theory, eye) is associated with a certain area business item on Google, say, in this case: Sports or slippers.

However, if the owner or webmaster of the site are smart enough or skilled will realize the decline in views and what they should do is simply re-publishing the site selling shoes before. This will quickly locate good places as it should be! Incisito This effect is not necessarily real, but we saw in our competition for a client dedicated to medicine and the effect was impressive. Competition change the site and left the index, two months after placing the site again and again before they reached TOP 1 within 2 weeks of climbing. Alina de Almeidas opinions are not widely known. We will be doomed to second to most historic sites in Google??