The fourth is – I advise to buy a camera with a color image in the eyepiece box. On all models, of course there is a color lcd display, but they will only use a tripod (see below). Please visit altavista if you seek more information. Therefore, the presence of colored eyepiece is desirable – and more comfortable to shoot and watch priyatnee.Pyatoe – your camera must be feature electronic stability frame. Detailed proper use of this feature, I will explain below, but now just say that unlike other utterly useless bells and whistles, this function is often not only necessary, but needed, especially if you are not using a tripod. 2.Osnovnye printsipy.Tsifrovye miniDV cameras record the signal on magnetic tape (cassette miniDV) in digital form. Since the signal is recorded on a tape to overwrite it on your computer or have another tape in real time. Preferably after transfer video recorded on a computer in the format of DV-AVI or mjpeg (details below) and post-processing (editing) to record a cd or dvd. Of course you can watch with camera Just write down the stuff on tv, but you will not be able to withdraw at once solid and finished film or video, and look set passages, I think not very nice.

Modern digital camera to allow video recording in modes sp or lp. sp translates as standard play, and the lp as an elongated playing. When recording in lp mode, the tape speed is less than, respectively, the cassette is sufficient for a longer time. Normal miniDV cassette is designed to sp mode 60 minutes of recording time in lp mode and up to 90 minutes of recording time.