Personal protective equipment with a new program from ADVANSA Thermo cool the life of civilians in emergency situations such as fires and other risk factors requires rapid response to unexpected circumstances. Fire service men and women must both be fit how also persevering and have the right equipment. Click Mashable for additional related pages. The Dutch fire brigade Mekkey Holland has designed a new T-Shirt program, which helps avoid heat stress, but at the same time ensures a high wearing comfort and does not restrict the freedom of movement of fire be fighters in emergency situations. s plenty of information regarding this issue. For firefighters, firefighters of often extreme heat and thus the risk of thermal stress and physical stress are exposed. This resulted in the need to develop of special protective clothing for firefighters /-women, which under thermal stress also maintain a variety of heat conditions in an area is classified as non-critical. Mekkey, one of the leading providers in the Netherlands Market, offers protective clothing with comfort, designed specifically to provide different functions.

Mekkey cooperates with various suppliers: fire protection clothing from Bristol Uniforms Ltd., fire boots by FAL and gloves from Granqvist Holik. Is new in the collection an ADVANSA Thermo T-Shirt, textiles was developed in collaboration with Ghost cool. The T-Shirt is equivalent to the requirements for the performance and comfort for protective clothing for firefighting. Heat stress is avoided, which affect and slow reactions and decision times may cause the performance of firefighters. Erik Mekkelholt by the Mekkey commented: Mekkey is permanently focused on the functionality of clothing for the professional application.

Our goal is to offer protection equipment for firefighters, employed mainly with fire-fighting and be confronted with the danger of heat fatigue. We are pleased in our program now ADVANSA Thermo cool T-Shirts Textiles by ghost lead to can, which will help to avoid heat stress before a potentially dangerous, heat-related health condition occurs.” Made with a technologically improved yarn structure, consisting of a unique mix of multi-channel and hollow fibres, the ADVANSA Thermo has been designed cool outfit to meet all possible requirements of firefighters. All garments offer excellent qualities and performance capabilities with evaporative cooling and Thermopuffer function. Firefighters expected the best kind of physical support of this technically advanced tissue during an emergency. The overall programme can be seen on the Brandweer Vakdagen show (Gorinchem, Netherlands) from 6 to 9 June. Andreas Knorr