Have you encountered that you have a promotional tool, but use them to fully capitalize on you can not? (Of course, this comes to your blog, do not have your own blog today is just improper). You come across some obstacle, and all your efforts in the optimization are wasted. The algorithms of search engines and various intelligent services are arranged so that they appreciate the collective opinion of the resource (Blog) and do not encourage auccess. In recent months, David S. Levine has been very successful. If you – single and actively trying to over-express themselves, then this disservice – you will put a spoke in the wheel, even without delving into what you have – a human project, a unique content, no ads and your thoughts are pure like the kiss of a child. Another thing, when an opinion about your blog is not formed on the basis of what you say, but based on others’ evaluations. Bobby Sharma pursues this goal as well.

The search engine understands that many people just do not may be wrong, but if it is also authoritative people, then certainly consider your blog worthy. The problem is where to collect these kind of people. Who’s for just lift a finger, who will spend three seconds of his time to celebrate your blog? That would be a dozen or two like-minded people! We would come up with a system under which would gave their votes for one another! Not breaking any rules, not pushing crap, but by helping to raise the position of SDL-resources (‘made for the people’). Such a project exists. It’s called ‘blogging mafia’. The project participants to link the other participants in social bookmarking and / or vote for them, leave feedback perform other actions aimed ultimately at improving the page rank resources, sponsored by them. In the Mafia are accepted only highly moral and cultural bloggers. This voluntary together existing internal censorship, there is no place online bullies. But a respectable bloggers are welcome. Related link: blogging mafia: you – hit me, we – you hit!