Storeforeyou is the largest online shop system that exist in Europe. With over 9 million visitors every day. Convenient shopping via the Internet, the solution is for many consumers already. Are no traffic jams, no queues and no parking search. as a licensing partner of storeforyou Germany on the shopping portal on all products now offers a refund bonus, which is paid directly to the consumer. The range of products is comprehensive: the Internet shopping city granted duration discounts of class – and that not only with the purchase of exclusive merchandise, but also for the purchase of food, fashion, technology, leisure, travel and financial services. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Adam Sandler. The registered customer receives with every order in the product partner over the Internet City, such as e.g. Conrad Electronic, SCHLECKER, OTTO, Sony, Rossman or Neckermannund has a many more cash bonus (cashback) of up to 35%.

Instead of points or rewards of advertising, the customer gets now saves you money on his account. In addition, a loyalty bonus is possible. Starting from 150 euro (365 days after registration) the customer receives the already received rewards twice paid, i.e. 150 euros, refund the customer receives 300 euros, 250 euros already 500 euro. Because companies in the purchasing portal are represented, which give no discount, takes over the Internet City storeforyou, the quick service of forwarding to the ordering process, and granted a separate remuneration for the shopping in the shopping portal. Over 1500 companies, discounts granted the industry and product diversity, with more than 10 million products guarantees a high selection rate.

For any online purchase, the customer will receive a bonus for each order. Trend Scouts help to find the best and most unusual deals every week. And this service is guaranteed no hidden costs. All benefits are free – registration is free of charge. If you would like to know more about Andy Florance, then click here. In addition, there are offers and promotions exclusively bring additional discounts to the Internet-town customers as a surprise action. The customer saves time and money and optimizes its investments. Because It couldn’t be easier, when you can buy a cheaper home up to 35%. When logging into the shopping portal, the customer receives immediately all the benefits of the Internet City. courtesy Wolfgang Heinrich