Audio transcription software interviews, dictation, or movies with record f4 or f5 with professional digital recorder and transcribe on the computer. Learn about what added value has the digital dictation technology and transcription for journalistic professions or scientific studies, here. 1 for interviews find you easily (Alternatively the recording with an IPhone is possible) interview notes with a simple digital recorder in the digital format the appropriate recording device and audio format. The digital recording of interviews in MP3 audio format is sufficient for adequate hearing results. When fieldwork or more complex situations, it is, however, advisable to use a high-quality digital video recorder.

These digital recorders are equipped with additional functions such as noise reduction or variable microphone sensitivity and ideal for professional use. Which recorder but fits best for your application? We have come a dozen recorder in the comparison test and compared. The sound quality and our You can see online reviews. 2. transcription: Interviews, dictation, or movies the audio transcription may refer to the transmission of audio or video recordings in the written form.

Spoken in interviews, dictation, or movies transmitted in written. You to transfer digital audio files recorded with the voice recorder or digital recorder, USB cable to the computer. The actual transcription of the audio on the computer then using transcription program. The transcription program f4 (Windows) or f5 (Mac) is required for the transcription of the computer. The F4 key is occupied with the essential functions such as start, pause, and rewind short. Using this program, you can transfer the recorded conversations by hand in a text format. F4 contains time stamps as an added feature. These time stamps mark the respective text module and allow for better orientation in the text. The time counter is located at the end of a paragraph, and is clickable. How to find quickly back to the original source. 3rd a readable guide to the transcription, with tutorials on the transcription programs and reasonable rules of transcription (Dresing and PA) Guide free practice transcription in the free practice book transcription here.