In the previous article (everything is mind) exposed as all this related to the mind. Today we will share how to use the mind to attract all the good that the universe has to give us and which depends only on us to obtain and attract what you want. There is a universal law that many know as the law of attraction, which exposes which like attracts like, and at the same time that the pairs of opposites repel. Perhaps check out Skillz for more information. In equal, single magnet is attracted with his equal, for example with metals, and in the opposite, positive and negative repel, example: If we think positive thoughts, we repel persons thoughts and negative actions. Our mind emits waves or vibrations, which our individual world attract what we are thinking and feeling (vibrating), we can not expect to attract all the good things the universe offers us if we are feeling fear, if we talk constantly about negative; is worth mentioning that a higher energy dominates a lower, if you think about what is good but you feel fear, greater vibration will manifest in your life force is good or bad. On the opposite side When vibes in thoughts and feelings of well-being, you activaras the law in your favor and atraeras all the abundance that the infinite universe wants you to give. As time here applies the law, what you think, you say and feel in greater frequency is what atraeras to your life.

The universal law (God) is infallible and although we want cannot enganar, manipulate or divert, there is something like luck or chance, all the work in the universe by causality, cause and effect, we cannot plant a grape seed and wait for an Apple tree, is opposed to the law. Forward start today to direct your thoughts and feelings about what you want to give, depends only on you. It is important that you recognize that your and only your you control your mind, otherwise you controlled your mind. Not the forces (in physics say what you resist, persists) re-educate your mind, entrenala and redirigela to all the good things you deserve in your life. If you’re experiencing any limitation in your life, you have the power to change it, through the control of your mental energy.When you let your attention is fixed on something, then you are giving the power of Act and entice your mind, remember that nature or mind universal (God) created us to live in freedom and abundance of every good thing that we decide to attract into our lives, i.e. that there can be a quality (anyone who is) in your world, if not just one that you yourself choose through the use of your free alberdrio. Magna presence I am, manifiestate before my with your powerful radiation and asisteme to harmonize my four lower bodies: my mental body, physical, etheric and emotional, since today I choose to align me with anyone who I contact, every place that I visit and/or any condition of perfection that I require contact well using mental energy flowing through my. Ramon and wanda original author and source of the article