Solon So, pretending to be mad suddenly left the square crowned by reading through a herald of the Athenians some elegies he had composed on Salamis, touched them so they renewed the war against Megara and defeated, this subtlety Solon. The lines that mainly induced the Athenians are these: First of Athens, to be wanted or sicinita folegandrio island. Even for them the commute home, as has been said among men: EA ste is an Athenian of the many abandoned Salamis dejan.u And then: Let’s fight for Salamis, an island rich and beautiful, vindicating the big blur We have our honor adds., which also induced the Athenians to them to take the Chersonese. To avoid seemed that the Athenians had taken Salamis only by force and not by law, opened several graves and pointed out that the bodies were buried facing east, which was a rite of the Athenians to bury their dead. The same is demonstrated by the sepulchral buildings, built facing the East and with the sculptured family names, which was characteristic of the Athenians.

It is said that since then he had in his favor to the people, who would gladly be their king (31), but he not only consented but, as said Socrates even strongly opposed to his relative Pisistratus when he learned that sought to tyrannize Republic should not be forgotten, that Solon said that eel end of life are 70 anosu. They also seem to endorse these illustrious law: equity do not feed their parents, is infamous, and the same who consume their wealth in gluttony. He that liveth idle who might be accused of accusing quiera.u Lysias says in the Prayer against Nicia that Draco was the one who left the written law, and that Solon enacted. Also that the equipment had suffered was removed from Tribunalu nefas. He reformed the honors that were given to athletes, and established that whoever wins the Olympic games to give him five hundred drachmas, to which the a stmicos, 100, and so in the other events was also the author of that famous law that Eel curator not cohabiting with the mother of the pupilosu, and that Eno can be a healer who owned the property of the wards, they are dead an epigram for Solon says: From Solon to cold body Salamini, Cyprus became fire ashes to his homeland in the fertile fields produce luxuriant ears: but the soul and went straight to the country led by blue light shafts that once its sovereign laws written left.