The computer changed our lives more and more importance in our lives the computer more and more. Everything you can do on the computer and thus becoming more and more isolated. We download the latest CD over the Internet to us, use our phone chat that less and less, and look at the hottest movies on the Internet. On the one hand, this is naturally practical, because these variants are considerably cheaper, on the other hand, the joy is missing. It makes no fun, to do everything without friends before the PC alone. But apparently this is not most people. They write on the Internet, what they’re doing and write her partner via social networks, how much you love, but that it can see the whole world, that is usually discreetly ignored. I am logged in but also in a social network, but I don’t like to write about my life.

It need not everyone can what I think and how I feel to see but finally. And if I go write something about my feelings, then I install with my hobbies in conjunction. If someone wants to know something about me, then you should just personally ask me, and if there’s just no other way, then they can ask me just email. I had a time where I wrote for example my girlfriend only by E-Mail, but at some point I realized that our personal conversations very missed. Since we call back regularly, because simply I can’t write my whole thoughts in an E-Mail. You should teach his children perhaps as parents. How should the children themselves learn that you can regulate everything via the Internet? If there are problems or beautiful or good news, then I want to can see however, how to respond to this message. In the Internet, this is very difficult, we can indeed send an email with smilies, but this is still something else, sitting with friends at a table and converse with them. We should take us maybe something more in the future to heart! 01. July 2010, Desiree-Sophie Lepell