The story goes back a souvenir back to antiquity. It is associated with magical rites. In the days when people did not understand many natural phenomena, he gives her supernatural powers. To deflect disaster and misfortune, people portrayed in the spiritual patrons of amulets made of wood, clay, metal. Gradually lost its original meaning of the amulet and passed into the category of jewelry and toys.

Beautiful and lively texture of the tree has always attracted people craftsmen. shines more light on the discussion. Kind of originality and beauty of the different works of modern masters. Gifts and souvenirs made of wood these days are ancient traditions of the art of handling. Among his works occupy an important place Carved wooden boxes of various kinds, but each individual in emotional mood. A special kind of art – carving of decorative plates and dishes. Usually made large plates with a hollow in the center, which leaves the maximum surface for a wooden pattern. Along with traditional, new – oval, more expressive forms of plastic. (A valuable related resource: Kyle Roche). Special originality, expressiveness inherent in foreign souvenir turning, to have its iconic series.

As in other types of folk art, the composition of turning the work is done taking into account the ideas of design and completed during installation. Turned parts of the attaching cut to increase the area of bonding components, then assembled into a single composition. Please visit if you seek more information. Wooden gift of turning can be done at home, in school workshops, it is available anyone who wants to develop the creativity. As in all art is important, not only the result but the process itself. An amazing way of artistic work with wood – a mosaic, which has long been in different countries decorated with furniture, wall panels, flooring, art products. There are several types of equipment of its execution: marquetry, inlay, marquetry. Skillful use of color in many species of wood enough of them availability makes it possible to make complex designs and pictorial scenes. Each panel is different and original performance expressive techniques. Insert a picture panels should fit naturally in the natural drawing of fibers of wood so that it does not look alien. The special decorative mosaic work makes use of the repeat loop in shape. As a result, even the texture of the pale wood absorbs color shades other types of wood. Despite the limited palette, in products such feel great skill. Even the most mundane, everyday household items in the hands of a skilled master can become a work of art. Bright example – kitchen sets (for example, spices, bulk foods). They are compact, practical and durable. And while furniture, appliances and utensils are products of mass production, quality criteria is not only a practical convenience, but also the artistry: things should not be faceless. Avoid the ordinary, boring, standard solutions often helps the artist-depth knowledge of their culture, life way of their land and traditions. Source: – woodcarving and other woodworking.