When Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity with the help of the block, really only associated with a delicious fruit juice and not the brand that represents today. The Apple brand is a contemporary phenomenon with the brilliance of red and characteristics that create success. The last fresh fruit in the long line of items in this brand is the Apple iPhone 3G. This is a product that has all the varieties of other brands. Users of this cell have all the features you could want in this mobile device. The first characteristic of this luxury is the ability multimedia device. With the help of the 2 MP camera, you can take wonderful pictures.

The brightness of the images is due to have a resolution of 1600 * 1200 pixels. It also comes with an iPod audio and video player, both with excellent characteristics in terms of performance. The person using this phone can be sure that you will have a good time listening to music and watching video clips. This makes the phone a good partner in the sense that you can spend your free time listening to music, watching photos or by clicking a special moment with the help of the camera. People who travel a lot, this phone may also find useful, for your browsing feature. It has a GPS receiver that helps you find the road to where you want to go, wherever you are. It also installs the Google maps and you can save the time needed to reach a particular location.